Monday, March 12, 2007

The Schedule

Each team plays each other once in the first 15 weeks, then they repeat the first 7 teams again. This is the schedule my Cookeville Engineers have. Click on it to enlarge.

It might be a tough season since I play some of the teams that looked to have a good draft twice, but I'm glad that I only have to play the defending champion Wookies once. Last season I played the Wookies in the last week in a game I was sure I was going to lose. Instead I pulled out a miracle tie on the last day to hold my ground and make the playoffs. Unfortunately I lost in the first round in a questionable tie to bRight & Early, and faced off against The Man who also had a questionable tie game against FM. The Man beat me then to take 5th place fairly easily, giving me 6th place.

And welcome other bloggers. I can see the contributor list growing, so come on and post your thoughts!

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