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HWC Baseball Week 8 Recap

Week 8 is now over, and since it's been a couple weeks, I'll load up the standings for an update. I will say, after Week 3, I would have never thought (aside from Tyler) people would be where they are now. FM is now in 15th after being in 10th, Joe has dropped to 14th from 7th, and RFTR's set and forget team has moved up to 4th from 8th. Well, I'll get into the games, but first, I'll as usual reveiw how the teams score. On offense there are Runs, Hits, Home Runs, RBI's, Stolen Bases and Strike Outs. On the defensive side It's all pitching with Wins, Losses Saves, K's ERA and WHIP. Scoring combines like This. Team A wins 4 stats, and team B wins 8, with the teams tying one. Team A's record for the week is 4-8-1, where team B is 8-4-1. Alrighty then, score time!

Cookeville Engineers - 5
Joe's Keizer Killers - 6 (Ties in Stolen Bases and Saves)
4 Winning weeks in a row and now I've lost again. I dropped from 6th to 7th and Joe actually moved up one to 14th. I'm disappointed in some of my team. I had 5 batters at or over .300, but still lost all the offensive stats except K's. Yuck. I whooped pitching 4-1-1, but the 1-5-1 offensive score killed me.
Game MVP: Kevin Youkilis - 12/28with 7 runs, 4 RBI's and a stolen base.
Game Goat: Josh Willingham - 1/16 with 6 K's

Robots Eat Babies - 8
webcats - 3 (Ties in Stolen Bases and Batting Average)
The Man loves to beat the hell out of some one when he loses badly. It's a shame this is only the 3rd winning week he's had, and the first since week 2. He's in 12th, but he should be higher. His pitching was pretty good, but his hitting lacked the big numbers he needs to get out of the bottom half of the standings.
Game MVP: Jeremy Bonderman - 8 innings of shut-out baseball, but more than that it makes 3 wins in a row.
Game Goat: Troy Glaus - 1/17 with 4 K's and only 2 RBI's from the #4 spot.

Baseball Rulz! - 7
Wookies Will Repeat - 5 (Tie in Stolen Bases)
Sssteve took it to the house in Pitching and with a batting average of .330 he should have taken offense as well, but a lack of base running kept that from happening. On top of that, Wookie's pitching made it easy to win. Seriouslty, a team ERA of just over 7?!!
Game MVP: Adrian Gonzalez - 10/20 with 2 home runs, 4 RBI's and 5 runs with just one K.
Game Goat: Wookie's Pitching - 4 guys with an ERA over 10, and 5 losses with a lone win.

The PAWs - 6
PFB - 5 (Ties in Wins and Losses)
This game was very close in most stats, and could have gone either way, but Lawhawk barely took it at the end. On a side note, why Lawhawk dropped a pitcher (Sosa) for one bad outing is news to me. I quickly picked him up! Thanks for the freebie!
Game MVP: Nick Swisher - 10/23with 3 home runs, 11 RBI's and 4 trips across home plate.
Game Goat: Jorge Sosa - Lawhawk dropped him before his 2 run win, but scored a 4 inning 5 run loss instead.

bRight & Early - 5
RFTR - 6 (Ties in Wins and Saves)
By all accounts, bRight should have lost this game bad. He had the most losses and only one win, and he had the worst batting average. But then again, RFTR only has 2 active starting pitchers, and only 2 active relievers. Batting is another story simply because you can gererally win batting with little maintenance. For RFTR, this makes 4 weeks strait of winning. This rewards him with being 4th in the standings
Game MVP: Oliver Perez - 7 innings of shut out ball for the win, 5K's, and 0.00 ERA for the week.
Game Goat: David Weathers - 2 showings, one save, and one where he allowed 6 runs in 1 1/3 for a week ERA of 23.14.

Fmragtops Spewers - 4
Big Damn Heroes - 8 (Tie in Runs)
3 big weeks in a row for BDH. This game was won with power and pitching. He had the lowest batting average and the fewest hits, but he had the most home runs, RBI's and tied Runs. Oh, and he went 6-0-0 on pitching. Another great week for BDH. And yes, I'm STILL surprised about it.
Game MVP: Carl Crawford - 11/19with 6 RBI's, 2 runs, and a stolen base with NO K's!
Game Goat: Cliff Lee - 1 game, 4 1/3 inning, 8 runs and 3 home runs given up. Nasty.

Anna Benson Is Yummy - 4
Maximum Poo - 8 (Tie in offensive K's)
Only 23 K's for each team, wow. Wyatt played a good week, but leave it to the Poo to just keep bringing home the stink. A .383 TEAM Batting Average, 79 hits, 6 stolen bases, 12 home runs, 50 RBI's and 40 runs. Wyatt's 4 points came from pitching with 6 wins and 59 K's with an ERA of 4.02 and a WHIP of 1.34
Game MVP: Justin Morneau - 10/25 with 4 home runs, 13 RBI's and 4 runs scored.
Game Goat: Ryan Theriot - 1/13 with just one RBI.

Jax Juggernauts - 9
Leones de Yucatan - 4
OH NO!! The Lions lost again and Tyler's lead has grown to 9 games! A nice week though for Safety Man as he posted a .316 team batting average, and went 6-0-0 in pitching. That makes 2 weeks in a row for JAX, and vaults him up to 13th. Well, at least he's not at the bottom. One more spot, and he'll have a post-season.
Game MVP: Ichiro Suzuki - 12/32 with 2 home runs, 7 RBI's, 8 Runs, and a stolen base with just 2 K's.
Game Goat: Eric Chavez - 1/13 with 3 K's and nothing else.

Whew! OK, so now time to look at the ranks after week 8 as well as the match ups for week 9.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007


... is hot. Anna Benson is a guy.

Oh yeah, and I'm in the lead.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Anna Benson Is Still Hot

And, unlike SYLG, my team keeps getting hotter. The pitching issue has been addressed, and if I can handle the Giambi 'roid investigation, I'll be leading this thing in no time! Heh.

HWC Baseball Week 7 Recap

Looks like Week 7 is in the books, and I'm now in the top half of the field! I'll explain in a minute, but first let's look at how points are scored. On offense there are Runs, Hits, Home Runs, RBI's, Stolen Bases and Strike Outs. On the defensive side It's all pitching with Wins, Losses Saves, K's ERA and WHIP. Scoring combines like This. Team A wins 4 stats, and team B wins 8, with the teams tying one. Team A's record for the week is 4-8-1, where team B is 8-4-1. Time for the scores!

OK, now on to the games!
Cookeville Engineers - 10
bRight & Early - 3
The engineers smelled a smack-down, and was it EVER! I was 3 runs, 4 stolen bases and 2 saves from an ace! The engineers finished with an amazing pitching week. Only two pitchers of had an ERA over 4, and had a team ERA of 2.83 and a WHIP of 0.86. My batting was decent, but I really profited from bRight having an off week. His team batting average was only a .206 compared to my .260. GO Engineers!!
Game MVP: Kevin Youkilis - 11/27 for a .407 average including 3 home runs 5 runs, 7 RBI's, and only one K!
Game Goat: Ramon Ortiz - 2 starts, only 5.1 innings (one game was only one inning) and gave up 11 earned for a week ERA of 18.56 and a WHIP of 3.38.

Robots Eat Babies - 2
Wookies Will Repeat - 11
Damn. That's all I can say about this one. Both teams played pretty well, it's just at the end John had the better stats.
Game MVP: Erik Bedard - 14 innings giving up only 4 runs for an ERA of 2.57 and a 1.00 WHIP. Oh yeah. And he struck out 19. Just a shame he didn't have any W's to go with those K's.
Game Goat: David Aardsma - 3 appearances 2 2/3 innings 10 RUNS!! An ERA of 33.75 and a 4.13 WHIP.

Baseball Rulz! - 5
PFB - 7 (Tie in Losses)
Poor Sssteve! started off hot as Cindy Crawford in her prime, but has faded off badly of late making this his 4th losing week in a row. PFB has been very up and down, winning small, but losing big. This game was close, but not so close. A few points were just a few stats apart, like batting average was .280 to .279, and others were miles apart, like Sssteve's 5 wins to PFB's 1.
Game MVP: Mike Lowell - 10/22 for a .455 with a home run, 2 runs and 5 RBI's with only one K.
Game Goat: Barry Zito - 4 innings with 7 earned for an ERA of 15.75 and a 3.25 WHIP.

The PAWs - 4
RFTR - 9
A very poor pitching game that ended up lucky for RFTR. RFTR won the wins category with only two wins, only had 24 K's and an ERA of 4.32 and a WHIP of 1.24. Somehow though he took 4 pitching stats. Batting was all RFTR with a team average of .316, 12 Home Runs and only 30 K's.
Game MVP: Jorge Posada - 10/21 with 3 Home Runs 5 runs, and 4 RBI's with only 3 K's.
Game Goat: Carlos Ruiz - 1/11 with a run and 4 K's, and that's it.

webcats - 3
Big Damn Heroes - 8 (Ties in Average and Wins)
The Heroes are closing in on .500 and the cats make this week their third strait drop, with this week being the second time in a row they've only scored 3 points. On offense there was no stopping BDH, but a few less losses would have turned things around nicely for the cats. BDH may have something finally going.
Game MVP: Grady Sizemore - 12/27 with 2 home runs 8 runs, 5 RBI's and 3 stolen bases!
Game Goat: Edwin Encarnacion - 0/0, no hits, no runs, no stolen bases...BECAUSE HE WAS BACK IN THE MINORS!

Fmragtops Spewers - 4
Maximum Poo - 6 (Ties in Wins, Losses and Saves)
Tyler D's offense was on par, but his pitching was horrible. He only managed one win, got 2 losses, 2 saves, an ERA of 4.87, and a 1.23 WHIP. As I said, offense was same as usual, with 59 hits, including 3 players with 10 hits and 9 team home runs, with only 30 K's.
Game MVP: Magglio Ordonez - 10/29 with 2 home runs 8 runs scored, and 4 RBI's.
Game Goat: Ryan Dempster - 5 earned in 1/3 innings for a game ERA of 135, and a week ERA of 33.75 and a WHIP of 3.75

Anna Benson Is Yummy - 7
Leones De Yucatan - 5 (Tie in Hits)
Wyatt keeps improving, but this loss for the lions increases Tyler D's lead even more. This game was very much a hitter/pitcher game with Wyatt going 5-1-1 in hitting and Lions going 4-2-0 in pitching stats. Wyatt could have had a more dominant game if his players could have managed more than a .241 average and 45 hits. Both teams had a good ERA (under 4.00) but couldn't get many wins. That will be a failing point for them.
Game MVP: John Lacky - 6 innings of shut-out pitching for the Win.
Game Goat: Adam Dunn - 2/20 with 11 K's. That's not gonna hack it this week. At least it wasn't 15 in one week.

Jax Juggernauts - 7
Joe's Keizer Killers - 5 (Tie in Saves)
Joe almost came back in this one. He was down 10-3 mid week, but he almost pulled the upset. Thii gives Safety Man his first winning week and leaves him only one game in the cellar. One big helper? Randy Johnson's 2 wins and 19 K's. But, unfortunately makes it 4 losing weeks in a row for Joe, keeping him in next to last, and making it that much harder to dig out of the hole he's in.
Game MVP: Ichiro Suzuki - 15/26 (That's .577 for the non math majors) with 8 Stolen bases, and 0 K's!!! 8!!!
Game Goat:
Richie Sexson - 0/15 with 5 K's and only 2 runs off of walks.

And now for the Week 8 Match-ups:

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HWC Baseball Week 6 Recap

I've finally gotten caught up with the HWC recaps!!! Fortunately summer has started, and classes are over, so free time is abound. There were some great games this week, and at least one upset. But before we get into it, let's see how the games are determined. On offense there are Runs, Hits, Home Runs, RBI's, Stolen Bases and Strike Outs. On the defensive side It's all pitching with Wins, Losses Saves, K's ERA and WHIP. Scoring combines like This. Team A wins 4 stats, and team B wins 8, with the teams tying one. Team A's record for the week is 4-8-1, where team B is 8-4-1. Time for the scores!

Cookeville Engineers - 7
The PAWs -4 (Ties in Wins and Losses)
I've REALLY turned around! After 3 strait losing weeks, I've had 3 solid wins and am just 4 games under .500. The game started out a lead for the Lawhawk, but mid week, I tied it up and with a late puch took the game. One key note is that despite having a 2.7 team ERA, I still didn't win that stat.
Game MVP: Kevin Youkilis - 11/21 for a .524 average, with a home run, 8 RBI's, and 4 scores.
Game Goat: Josh Hamilton - 1/20 on the week, but at least eh had a stolen base.

Robots Eat Babies - 5
PFB - 5 (Ties in Wins, Losses, and Saves)
Hahaha! 3 ties in the main pitching stats. Awesome. After a few weeks of falling back, it's good to see The Man at least not lose. The man's batting is horrible, and if he had just that little bit better pitching, he would be contending with the top 5, but instead he's stuck in 11th.
Game MVP: Daisuke Matsuzaka - A great pick-up for REB. 7 innings, and just one earned for the win. That makes for 4-0 in his last 5 starts.
Game Goat: Chris Duncan - Hit or miss Duncan went 1/17 on the week with 6 K's

Baseball Rulz! - 5
RFTR - 8
I dunno how he is doing it. RFTR is winning again without looking at his team. Poor Sssteve has dropped 3 losses in a row, and is now 2-4 for weeks this season. RFTR improves to break even at 3-3. Sssteve is now 6th in the standings from 3rd after week 3, and RFTR is now up to 5th from 8th.
Game MVP: Mike Lowell - 3 home runs and 8/19 hitting with 9 RBI's and 5 trips across the plate
Game Goat: Jimmy Rollins - From MVP last week to goat this week. 2/25 with not much else.

bRight & Early - 9
Joe's Keizer Killers - 4
Joe can't catch a break. He's 1-4-1 in weeks this season. He started off hot in Week 1 with a 9-2-2 routing of the cats, and then it was all down hill from there. The game was really bRight playing bad, and Joe playing worse. This week will be the true test as the battle of the losers is on with JAX vs. Joe. And sady, Joe is losing. BAD.
Game MVP: Derek Jeter - 12/25 for a .480 Average with 7 RBI's, 2 runs, and a stolen base.
Game Goat: Morgan Ensberg - 1/13 with 4 K's

Wookies Will Repeat - 5
Big Damn Heroes - 8
OK, so I was wrong about the heroes losing again, but poor John. This week makes it a 3 week skid from 4th in week 3, all the way down to 12th after this week. He really IS playing like the Cardinals!
Game MVP: Chris Young - .522 average with 4 RBI's, a stolen base, 5 runs scored, and 2 home runs...from the LEAD-OFF BATTER!
Game Goat: Joe Borowski - 2 closing attempts with one save, and one 2/3 inning with 4 earned for a game ERA of 54, and a week ERA of 21.6

webcats - 3
Maximum Poo - 7 (Ties in RBI's, Wins, and Pitching K's)
Tyler doesn't lose (except in week2) and if he doesn't win a stat, he fights tooth and nail to tie you for it. He can't be stopped. He's averaging 59 hits, 7.5 home runs, 29 RBI's per week, and only 32 K's per week. Oh, and did I mention his season batting average is a .301? The closest behind him is a .283. In pitching he OWNS Losses, ERA, and WHIP. The Poo keeps flying, and I'm wondering if it's ever gonna start to stink.
Game MVP: Maximum Poo - Lowest average? .250, and only one other with under a 0.300. And in pitching, only one pitcher over a 4.5 and he got 3 saves.
Game Goat: Cla Merideth - He gets the goat award again for blowing his one pitching opportunity by giving up 2 runs in a 3-2 loss to the Braves.

Fmragtops Spewers - 3
Leones de Yucatan - 10
FM finally had a week where he didn't score 6 points. Pity he only scored 3 and got his ass handed to him badly. It took 6 weeks for FM to get out of the 6 point slump, but after that week, I'll bet he'd like to be back in it. FM's offense was sub par, and his pitching was pretty good (2 of his 3 points were from pitching), but the Lions just played better.
Game MVP: Carl Crawford - A .375 average, going 9/24 including a home run, but as a strategy ball player, I liked his 3 stolen bases the most.
Game Goat: Ivan Rodriguez - 1/15 with nothing more than the 4 K's he racked up during that week.

Anna Benson Is Yummy - 8
JAX Juggernauts - 2 (Ties in Runs, Home Runs, Stolen Bases)
Hahaha! " Sorry, but hits are WAY down!" - Wyatt's smack talk is great! After finishing #2 in the regular season last year, Safety Man isn't off to such a great start. Poor guy is 0-4-2, but I'm afraid that there's no one who's going to allow themself to be his first winning week. Oh, wait, yeah there is. Joe's Keizer Killers are down 10-3! And what the heck happened to Jason Marquis? He's 5-1 so far this year with a 2.22 ERA and just had an amazing 3 hit shut out of the Pirates. Last season he was 14-16 with an ERA over 6!!
Game MVP: Carlos Lee - 11/28 this week with 2 Home Runs, 6's in both RBI's and trips across the plate, and only 3 K's the whole week.
Game Goat: Delmon Young - 2/23 with 8 K's and nothing else.

After a stint of not showing the ranks, here's the updated rankings, as well as the match-ups for week 8.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Anna Benson. Hot!

My baseball team? Also hot!

Expect more pics with more wins. Heh, that should be good until September. HA!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

HWC Baseball Week 5 Recap

It's been another long week and I haven't had much time to blog on ANY site, let alone until recently if I had time it would have been on a Mac, and Blogger and Macs don't mix. But that's another story. Here's how we do the scoring. On offense there are Runs, Hits, Home Runs, RBI's, Stolen Bases and Strike Outs. On the defensive side It's all pitching with Wins, Losses Saves, K's ERA and WHIP. Scoring combines like This. Team A wins 4 stats, and team B wins 8, with the teams tying one. Team A's record for the week is 4-8-1, where team B is 8-4-1. Time for the scores!

Cookeville Engineers - 7
Baseball Rulz! - 6
I pulled an FM!! This game was Sssteve's to lose after Thursday, and I'll be darned if it wasn't another come from behind performance by the Engineers. Some clutch pitching and offense pulled out the one point win. If Trot Nixon had had more than 8 at bats, he would have been MVP with an average of .625 for the week!
Game MVP: Josh Hamilton - 2 Home Runs in one game and a stolen base this week really helped the team, along with that .429 Batting Average.
Game Goat: Kip Wells - The Cardinal's pitching staff has gone to piss over the off season and Kip is no different. 6 innings, 7 runs and a big L. He's not 1-6 for the season with a 6.59 ERA. *Drop*

Robots Eat Babies - 5
RFTR - 7 (Tie in Wins)
And down he goes! That's 3 in a row for the Robots, and against "I never check my team" RFTR, too. Such a shame. Robots took 3 of the 7 batting stats, but couldn't get a footing on defense. Unfortunately for The Man, it looks like his team has fallen victim to injuritis as 4 of his players were on the DL. However, RFTR won't let a little injury bother him as 6 of his players are currently inactive.
Game MVP: Jimmy Rollins - Not a power hitter, but with a .364 BA 2 steals and 12 hits this past week, he makes for a good one to start daily.
Game Goat(s): DL'ers - 11 of them. Blugh.

The PAWs - 5
bRight & Early - 8
Pitcher/Hitter all the way. bRight took all 6 defensive stats and swiped 2 more on offense to seal the deal. PAWs are definitely a hitting team, and although I thought originally that it may work out better than a pitching based team, apparently I was wrong, because PAWs have had only 2 winning weeks so far this season.
Game MVP: Prince Fielder - .440 Average, 4 knocks in 11 hits, and 12 RBI's with 8 runs scored. Fantastic.
Game Goat: Matt Cain - 7 runs given up in just 3 innings. One game doubled his season ERA from 1.54 to 3.08.

PFB - 7
Big Damn Heroes - 5 (Tie in RBI's)
So the name change worked for a little bit, but now the luck has worn off...again. Well, at least it wasn't the 11-2 routing that was put on by bRight. PFB gets their third winning week, but is still struggling to meet .500 due to their winning small but losing big habits. I would have Vladi be MVP with a .417 average and 3 stolen bases, BDH has better.
Game MVP: J.J. Hardy - 15/28 for a .536 average with 2 home runs. All this from the #2 batting spot.
Game Goat: Jason Kendall - 3/17 from the former must-have catcher. Not so much now.

Wookies Will Repeat - 3
Maximum Poo - 9 (Tie in Wins)
DAAAAAAAAAMN!! TD wanted to make a point over the Wookies. He had no losses and only one pitcher with over a 4.0 ERA, and on the batting side his team average was .312, with no one under the Mendoza Line. Folks, there's a new sheriff in town.
Game MVP: Freddy Sanchez - .367 Batting average from 11 hits with 4 runs, but what caught me was only ONE K the whole week.
Game Goat: Scott Rolen - 1/21 for the week but at least he didn't strike out.

webcats - 5
Leones de Yucatan - 7 (Tie in RBI's)
Weird. Vex has no wins in pitching this week, the most losses, and the least K's but he still takes the ERA, WHIP, and Saves, and goes 4-2-1 on offense to take the game. Nice work. Aside from the weird pitching, the game was pretty close otherwise. The stats were pretty close, but Vex managed to come out on top.
Game MVP: Troy Glaus - .400 Average from 10 hits, with 4 of them being home runs. Knocked in 7, and crossed the plate 8 times. Nicely played.
Game Goat: Cla Meredith - Aside from the weird spelling, he gave up 5 runs in 3 1/3 innings as a mid-reliever.

Fmragtops Spewers - 6
JAX Juggernauts - 6 (Tie in WHIP)
5 Weeks, 5 times FM scored 6 points. But against the last placed team? This can't be a good sign. Judging from this game, FM needs to work on pitching if he wants to be playing to defend his 2nd from last season. JAX though. 2 words, "Rebuild Year."
Game MVP: C.C. Sabathia - 2 games, 13 innings, 2 wins, 18 K's and only 6 earned. Nice.
Game Goat: Ichiro - 2/22 for the week for a .091 average.

Anna Benson Is Yummy - 8
Joe's Keizer Killers - 5
After losing to the cats and FM, it's good to see Wyatt winning again. Wyatt Rocked the offense and scored 9 wins in pitching! HOT DAMN!!! 71 K's for the week from the rotation. It's a shame that the 3.67 ERA didn't reflect the great play of the team.
Game MVP: Jake Peavy- 2 games, 14 innings, 20 K's and and ERA of 1.93 and a WHIP of 0.79. It's a pity his team didn't perform to back him up.
Game Goat: Zack Greinke - 2 games, 9 innings, 12 runs, and 2 losses. RUINED Wyatt's ERA/WHIP!

And now for a view of Week 6's match-ups, as well as previous recaps.

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

HWC Baseball Week 4 Recap

Agian sorry for the delay, but it was exam week at school and I had zero time to post the results of last week's match-ups. For the record though I finished with a 3.294 this semester, so I'm happy as a clam. But let's remind teh fans how we do the scoring, then I'll talk about the games.ts to combine. On offense there are Runs, Hits, Home Runs, RBI's, Stolen Bases and Strike Outs. On the defensive side It's all pitching with Wins, Losses Saves, K's ERA and WHIP. Scoring combines like This. Team A wins 4 stats, and team B wins 8, with the teams tying one. Team A's record for the week is 4-8-1, where team B is 8-4-1. OK, let's see the scores.

Cookeville Engineers - 9
Robots Eat Babies - 4
I beat my brother...again. That improves my overall record to 5-3 vs. The Man in HWC sports. The Man had the lead for most of the week, but a late charge by the Engineers put the game away. I moved up to 13th in the standings with this win, and The Man dropped to 11th.
Game MVP: Kevin Youkilis - 10/25 with 6 runs, 4 RBI's an one HR. Not great, but very consistent.
Game Goat: Eric Byrnes - .059 average with 5 K's and only one hit the whole week. Nasty.

bRight & Early - 8
Baseball Rulez! - 5
It looks like Sssteve just couldn't get any traction in this game. bRight took the majority share of both offense and defense. This gives bRight his third strait winning week, and has him at 3rd in the ranks now slipping past Sssteve who fell to 4th.
Game MVP: Aaron Rowand - 10/24 with 3 home runs and only 3 K's
Game Goat: Morgan Ensberg - 0/15 this past week and he hasn't done better since. His season average fell to .247 from .293

The PAWs - 9
Joe's Keizer Killers - 3 (Tie in saves)
Not much to see here besides a beat-down by the Lawhawk. Despite a slicking of the roster by Lawhawk, he still managed to kick Joe to the curb quite effectively.
Game MVP: Vernon Wells - .458 average giving 11 hits, a home run, 9 runs and 3 stolen bases. Me gusta mucho!
Game Goat: Dan Uggla - Might want to change that name to Ug Lee after posting an average of .143 with 10 K's

Big Damn Heroes - 7
RFTR - 5 (Tie in saves)
Patton had another name change this week, this time it worked. The again it's not hard to beat a guy who has 3 pitchers who aren't even playing. Roger Clemens retired, and 2 other starters are on the DL.
Game MVP: Chase Utley - .44 Average with 12 hits, 7 Runs 10 RBI's and a Home Run. But remember...It's digital Utley who plays with heart.
Game Goat: RFTR - Set and forget NEVER works.

PFB - 7
Maximum Poo - 4 (Ties in Losses and Offensive K's)
Private Pigg threw the poo back at Tyler D! This game was an offensive nail biter. PFB won 2 stats by just one point, and the rest by 3 or less! It was all Poo on defense though as he went 3-2-1, but It was PFB on top for going 5-1-1 on offense.
Game MVP: PFB's Offense - 3 guys with 2 or more knocks, a team average of .307
Game Goat: Freddy Sanchez - 2/21 on the week for a .091 average. Pity. He was good last season.

Wookies Will Repeat - 4
Leones De Yucatan - 8 (Tie in offensive K's)
It's looking slimmer and slimmer that the Wooks will go for title number 2 this season. At least he's not doing as badly as The Cardinals (who fortunately just broke their 5 game losing streak) This game was actually closer than it looks. Wookies only lost stats by little more than 2 points, but it doesn't matter if you win by 1 or 100.
Game MVP: Matt Holliday - .429 average with 12 hits 8 RBI's but shame he only got 3 runs.
Game Goat: Jason Varitek - Only 3/18 with 9 K's. Yuck.

webcats - 6
JAX Juggernauts - 6 (Tie in Losses)
This was about as even as it looks. Both teams took almost equal shares on offense and defense. The only problem was, both teams pretty well sucked. Neither team got more than 30 runs, or over a .260 average.
Game MVP: Frank Thomas - The Big hurt puts up 2 Homers and a .333 average on 8 hits with 8 RBI's
Game Goat: Randy Johnson - 2 games, 11 innings, 12 K's but 1 loss and an ERA of 6.55 for the week.

Fmragtops Spewers - 6
Anna Benson Is Yummy - 5 (Ties in Home Runs and Losses)
Hey, FM went from losing 7-6, to tying 6-6, and now he's won 6-5! Now if only he can score more than 6 points. Poor Wyatt got no love from his pitching this week as his team ERA was 2.14 and a WHIP of only 1.08, but that was only good eough for 2 wins and 21 K's compared to FM's 3 wins and 43 K's with 4 saves. That sucks.
Game MVP: Stephen Drew - .450 average with 9 hits, a Homer, 7 RBI's and 4 Runs.
Game Goat: Wyatt's Pitching - Need I say it again?

Week 5 Match-ups:
Cookeville Engineers vs. Baseball Rulz!
Robots Eat Babies vs. RFTR
The PAWs vs. bRight & Early
PFB vs. Big Damn Heroes
Wookies Will Repeat vs. Maximum Poo
webcats vs. Leones de Yucatan
Fmragtops Spewers vs. JAX Juggernauts
Anna Benson Is Yummy vs. Joe's Keizer Killers

Week 3 Recap
Week 2 Recap
Week 1 Recap
Keys To The Season
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