Saturday, April 28, 2007

HWC Baseball Week 3 Recap

Sorry for the late report on the Week 3 match-ups. It's been a busy week this week and I haven't had much time to set aside for a recap. Finally, almost after Week 4 is over, I've got time. Let's review how the scoring goes. Pairs of teams go head to head for a week adding up stats and the best score in each stat gets a win. The other team gets a loss for that stat. This season there are 13 stats to combine. On offense there are Runs, Hits, Home Runs, RBI's, Stolen Bases and Strike Outs. On the defensive side It's all pitching with Wins, Losses Saves, K's ERA and WHIP. Scoring combines like This. Team A wins 4 stats, and team B wins 8, with the teams tying one. Team A's record for the week is 4-8-1, where team B is 8-4-1. OK, let's see the scores.

Cookeville Engineers - 5
Big Damn Heroes - 6 (Tie in Losses)
BDH was Patton's 3rd Army, and I WAS beating him 9-0 on Wednesday morning, but then my engineers had a meltdown. My pitching fell apart and I couldn't get hits if my life depended on it. Kelly Johnson would have been the MVP, but he had 6 K's on the week, and that doesn't fly with me. But you know what? I'M NOT LAST ANYMORE!!!
Game MVP: Michael Barrett - .381 Average, 4 Home Runs out of 8 hits, and 10 RBI's with only 3 K's
Game Goat: Adam Wainwright - 2 games, 11.1 innings, and 11 K's, but 11 earned runs and a WHIP of 2.29.

Robots Eat Babies - 3
bRight & Early - 7 (Ties in HR's, Offensive K's and Losses)
bRight has 2 whoopings in a row now. Let's see if he can keep it going because that may be a sign of things to come in September. In the stats bRight won, he won them big, and The Man squeeked by in his points.
Game MVP: Jose Reyes - .464 Average, 13 hits, 4 Stolen Bases and 8 Runs. This man is consistantly on the MVP list for a reason.
Game Goat: Scott Proctor - 2 Innings in 3 games, and he gave up a 3 run blast gaining no outs, making for an ERA of over 10.

Baseball Rulz! - 8
The PAWs - 5
Sssteve with another W for this week. That makes 2 in a row, and he's sitting in 3rd place right now. The only difficult thing in this match-up is deciding the Goat. It was a choice of two from the PAWs. And to give a hint of how bad they were, the other was Jhonny Peralta going 2/20 batting with 9 whiffs.
Game MVP: Mike Lowell - Batted .400, Hit 3 HR's, and only fanned once in the week. Nicely done
Game Goat: Jeremy Sowers - 1 game, 2.2 innings, 6 Earned Runs for an ERA of 20.25 and a 3.75 WHIP.

Maximum Poo - 10
RFTR - 2 (Tie in Losses)
Tyler D is averaging 9-3-1 each week so far, and is the clear leader of the league by 5.5 games over Vex. RFTR had a 2 week win streak going, but was no match for Tyler's feces.
Game MVP: A-Rod - .370 Average, 5 Home Runs out of 10 hits, 13 RBI's, and 9 Runs. Now if he can fix those 8 K's
Game Goat: Paul Konerko - 3/25 hitting with 7 K's.

PFB - 2
Leones De Yucatan - 10 (Tie in Stolen Bases)
Another blow out during this week's games. Leones is either Feast or Famine. When he wins, he wins big, but when he loses, he gets killed. This week he did the killing. PFB is now just one game out of last place.
Game MVP: Ian Snell - 2 games 14 innings, 10 K's and a 1.93 ERA, Nice.
Game Goat: Adam Dunn - 15 K's out of 27 at bats in one week. This guy is sucking something aweful.

Wookies Will Repeat - 10
Jax Juggernauts - 2 (Tie in Losses)
Jax is like the Vanderbilt of fantasy baseball this season. Too good for 1-AA, but not good enough to compete against most teams in their conference. Jax is picking up right where he left off last season with 3 strait losing weeks to start this season. He's now in last place too. Yay for me.
Game MVP: Jonathan Papelbon - 4 saves in one week with 0.00 ERA and 7 K's. GREAT closer.
Game Goat: Miraino Rivera - A blown save in the only appearance he had all week. Gave up 3 runs (2 earned) in just 2/3 of an inning.

webcats - 7
Anna Benson Is Yummy - 4 (Ties in Home Runs and Saves)
This game was pretty good. webcats took the lead early and never looked back. The cats took 4 batting and 3 pitching stats, and that will get you a win every week.
Game MVP: Jason Marquis - 2 Wins, one run in 13 innings and 10 K's. Why did the Cards trade him?
Game Goat: Zack Greinke - 2 games, 5.2 innings and 8 runs for and ERA of 12.71 and a WHIP of 2.82.

Fmragtops Spewers - 6
Joe's Keizer Killers - 6 (Tie in Stolen Bases)
Fm can't score more than 6 points...ever. That's his point total for each of the 3 weeks. His first 2 weeks were both 7-6 losses, and this round he tied it at 6. Maybe next week he'll get the W. Side note, Jason line in his only at bat that counted for the game was a solo home run. Cool.
Game MVP: Juan Pierre - There's something about a good lead-off man that I highly respect. .438 average, with 14 hits, 11 times across the plate and 3 stolen bases. I like it.
Game Goat: Jeff Francis - 2 games, 2 losses, 11 innings and 13 runs. He's good...for the futility leage.

Now that the season has had a chance to get settled, here is a graphic of the standings, as well as Week 4's match-ups.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

HWC Baseball Week 3 Match-ups

It's Thursday of Week 3, and it's time to look at the current scores of this week's match-ups!

Cookeville Engineers (6-18-2) - 6
Patton's 3rd Army (7-18-1) - 6
This game was 9-0 Engineers Tuesday night...crap.

Robots Eat Babies (13-9-4) - 4
bRight & Early (14-12-0) - 8
Unlike his smack talk, The Man is the one getting WHIP'ed

Baseball Rulz! (14-9-3) - 7
The PAWs (11-12-3) - 4
Sssteve is DOMINATING on offense.

RFTR (16-7-3) - 3
Maximum Poo (19-7-0) - 9
The crap is hitting the fan that RFTR sucks.

PFB (9-12-5) - 4
Leones de Yucatan (12-11-3) - 8
This game really is as lop-sided as it looks.

Wookies Will Repeat (11-13-2) - 10
Jax Juggernauts (8-13-5) - 1
"Now that's...a whoopin'."

webcats (9-15-2) - 5
Anna Benson Is Yummy (15-7-4) - 4
Three days to determine the 4 ties in this game. The rest are about set.

Fmragtops Spewers (12-14-0) - 5
Joe's Keizer Killers (12-11-3) - 7
Might be another 6-7 loss for FM, but it can go either way. Six categories separated by only 1 point.

Honoring Jackie Robinson

In honor of Jackie Robinson, the Robots Eat Babies team will don #42 jerseys all season. Hot dogs at the ballpark will cost $4.20. There will be 8 dollar and 42-cents beers and french fries in the shape of a 4 and a 2. Also for Jackie, we will not play on April 2nd and we'll also stop playing for the 42nd minute of every hour.

All seats in the stadium will be numbered "42". We know this will cause some confusion, but we are honoring Jackie Robinson. If you have a problem, please call our revised fan line at 1800-142-4242, ext. 42.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

HWC Baseball Week 2 Recap

Week 2 is over, and I'm still at the bottom, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I'll go into that later.

First, let's remind the fan(s?) of how scoring is done here in HWC Baseball. It's the same concept as last season with pairs of teams going head to head for a week adding up stats and the best score in that stat gets a win. The other team gets a loss for that stat. This season there are 13 stats to combine. On offense there are Runs, Hits, Home Runs, RBI's, Stolen Bases and Strike Outs. On the defensive side It's all pitching with Wins, Losses Saves, K's ERA and WHIP. Scoring combines like This. Team A wins 4 stats, and team B wins 8, with the teams tying one. Team A's record for the week is 4-8-1, where team B is 8-4-1.

Cookeville Engineers - 4
Maximum Poo - 9
This game had some close stats, but there were a few blowouts as well. My problem was consistency. I think I had Poo beat going into the weekend, but I couldn't follow through. This week will be better though. You'll see.
Game MVP: Alex Rios - .345, 2 Home Runs, 10 hits 5 Runs, and 6 RBI's. It's-a nice.
Game Goat: Chicago Cubs - Ted Lilly pitched 6 innings and gave up only 1 run on 2 hits, and got 10 K's...and a 1-0 loss. And that folks is why the Cubs have/do/will always SUCK.

Robots Eat Babies - 7
The PAWs - 4 (Ties in RBI's and Pitching K's)
The Man is on a ROLL! This was another game where it was really close in some stats but a blow out in others. Most of the offensive stats were very close, but The Man blew Lawhawk AWAY in pitching.
Game MVP: Ty Wigginton - .357 on 10 hits, 2 Home Runs, 5 Runs and 4 RBI's. Not bad.
Game Goat: Mark Teahan - 0-16 with 5 K's until he got dropped. Good call bro.

Baseball Rulz! - 9
Joe's Keizer Killers - 3 (Tie in Batting Average)
Wow! Sssteve gets to take the family bragging rights as he beat Joe badly. I am amazed at this game especially after Joe beat the cats 9-2-1 last week. Joe got hosed on offense, and Sssteve was consistently better on the pitching end as well.
Game MVP: Ian Kinsler - .476 with 4 Bombs on 10 hits, 7 Runs scored and 8 RBI's. Stellar!
Game Goat: Joe Crede - .174 with 7 K's. Not gonna cut it.

bRight & Early - 11
Patton's 3rd Army - 2
I was worried at the beginning of the season after seeing all the gold baseball trophies in Patton's display case, but apparently those are all for nothing. After getting this badly dominated, Patton is only 1/2 a game above me in 15th, and is playing me this week. There's nothing more to say than "That's a whoopin."
Game MVP: Tim Hudson - 14 innings, 2 wins, 1 run, and 11 K's.
Game Goat: Ervin Santana - 4 1/3 Innings allowing 6 runs on just 7 hits (2 HR's) for an ERA of 12.46 adn a 2.54 WHIP.

RFTR - 9
Leones de Yucatan - 3 (Tie in wins)
RFTR is starting out hot and is only a game and a half behind Tyler D for the league lead. RFTR's offense was moderately close with most stats being decided by 3 or less. Note to self though; RFTR's pitching sucks. Why? "Set and forget" coaching. Heaven help RFTR if he faces a good offense.
Game MVP: Fransisco Cordero - 3 innings, 3 saves, 0 runs. Fantastic closer.
Game Goat: Salomón Torres - 2 innings, 3 runs, 2 Blown saves, 13.5 ERA

PFB - 6
JAX Juggernauts - 4 (Ties in Losses, Saves, and WHIP)
This game was really close, and really was determined by who got lucky. Look out for Jax though, if his batting maintains, his hitters will be like juggernauts. If only his pitching could say the same.
Game MVP: Delmon Young - .345 average, 10 hits including 2 HR's, 6 Runs and 5 RBI's with only 2 K's
Game Goat: Carlos Zambrano - 4 Innings, 6 runs for an ERA of 13.5 and a 2.5 Whip. Again...Cubs suck.

Wookies Will Repeat - 4
Anna Benson Is Yummy - 7 (Ties in HR's and Saves)
Down Goes J-Wook! Down Goes J-Wook! Wookies were 3-0 vs Wyatt, but not any more. The ol' copper finally put one on the board. And Wyatt won it in dominating fashion. Wookies points came on very close stats, where Wyatt's were mostly blow outs. "I can't believe I lost to Anna Benson! She distracted me with her huge homeruns!!" - J Wook. Yeah...right.
Game MVP: Carlos Lee - 7 Hits, including 3 Home Runs, 5 Runs and 7 RBI's with only 2 K's.
Game Goat: Zach Duke - 2 Innings, 7 Runs, a 31.5 ERA, and a 4.5 WHIP

webcats - 7
Fmragtops Spewers - 6
FM loses 7-6 for the second week in a row. Classic pitcher hitter dual with the stats all being blowouts. Not one stat was really close.
Game MVP: Aaron Hill - .462 average with 12 Hits, 8 Runs, 7 RBI's
Game Goat: Felipe Lopez - Batted 3/20 for the week with 4 K's. Horrible as a lead-off batter.

A list of this weeks games and a mid-week report to come on Thursday!

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

HWC Baseball Week 2 Match Ups

Week 1 is over, and all the bugs are out of the system, so let's see who's playing who this week.

Cookeville Engineers (2-9-2) vs Maximum Poo (10-3-0)

Robots Eat Babies (6-5-2) vs The PAWs (7-5-1)

Baseball Rulz (5-6-2) vs Joe's Keizer Killers (9-2-2)

bRight & Early (3-10-0) vs Patton's 3rd Army (5-7-1)

RFTR (7-4-2) vs Leones de Yucatan (9-2-2)

PFB (3-8-2) vs Jax Juggernauts (4-7-2)

Wookies Will Repeat (7-6-0) vs Anna Benson Is Yummy (8-3-2)

webcats (2-9-2) vs Fmragtops Spewers (6-7-0)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

HWC Baseball Week 1 Recap

Here we go. The first of 26 or so weekly recaps of HWC Baseball. This being the first week, I'll go over the scoring of the games. It's the same concept as last season with pairs of teams going head to head for a week adding up stats and the best score in that stat gets a win. The other team gets a loss for that stat. This season there are 13 stats to combine. On offense there are Runs, Hits, Home Runs, RBI's, Stolen Bases and Strike Outs. On the defensive side It's all pitching with Wins, Losses Saves, K's ERA and WHIP. Scoring combines like This. Team A wins 4 stats, and team B wins 8, with the teams tying one. Team A's record for the week is 4-8-1, where team B is 8-4-1.

Let's go to the match ups.

Cookeville Engineers - 2
Leones De Yucatan - 9 (Ties in Losses and K's)
I got owned bad. I held onto the offensive K's stat, and took Wins 4-2, but I got demolished in everything else. Vex has a great team this season, so look for him to be in the top of the ranks later this season. Me, not so much.
Game MVP: Adam Dunn - 3 Home Runs, 6 Runs, 6 RBI's and 2 stolen bases.
Game Goat: Chone Figgins - Star basee stealer from last year out for a few more weeks after breaking his finger.

Robots Eat Babies - 6
Baseball Rulz! - 5 (Ties in Runs and Wins)
The Man had Sssteve beat 7-4 late in the week, but barely closed it out. The Man used his pitching staff and pulled away in pitching enough for Ssteve to not be able to catch up in hitting. The man took 4 of the 6 pitching stats and 2 of the hitting, leaving the rest to Ssteve.
Game MVP: Eric Byrnes - 11 hits, 2 Home Runs, 4 stolen bases, 7 RBI's and 5 Runs with a .355 average. GREAT player so far.
Game Goat: Jake Westbrook - 7 Innings pitched, 7 runs for an ERA of 12.6 and a 2.0 WHIP. Can you say Waivers?

The PAWs - 7
Patton's 3rd Army - 5 (Tie in Wins)
A pretty even game here with PAW's taking 4 pitching stats and 3 offensive stats. The PAWs batted a combined .288 for the week and stole 5 bases while only fanning 29 times, compared to 51 for Patton. The game was tied earlier this week, but Mr. Patton, I believe you are beaten.
Game MVP: Mike Jacobs - 2 HR's, 10 hits, 8 runs, and 5 RBI's, and a .435 BA. Not a bad start.
Game Goat: Brad Lidge - Demoted from closer position after posting a 16.2 ERA and a WHIP of 4.8.

bRight & Early - 3
Maximum Poo - 10
Another whooping. Looks like I know who will be fighting for the bottom of the barrel. Tyler D took the beating stick to bRight and set an example for how to dominate in the last part of the week. The score was 7-5 with a tie earlier, but Tyler poured on the coals for a strong finish
Game MVP: Jose Reyes - 3 Stolen Bases, 8 Runs,a .320 average and 7 RBI's, for a lead off man is saying something.
Game Goat: Andruw Jones - Only a .130 batting average for the season so far for the Atlanta hero.

RFTR - 7
Jax Juggernauts - 4 (Ties in Losses and Saves)
Both teams have the "Draft it and leave it" philosophy going on right now and it will come back to bite them badly. Jax was leading the league last season but he stopped checking the team and was out quicker than you can snap your fingers.
Game MVP: A Rod - He might be a punk, but he can rack up the stats. 4 home runs, 11 RBI's and a .381 average
Game Goat: Brandon Inge - He's 0-20 on the season. Ouch.

PFB - 3
Anna Benson Is Yummy - 8 (Ties in Home Runs and Runs)
I've heard of players getting laid the night before a game to increase performance...Well, Wyatt is one lucky SOB then! He was down 7-5 after Thursdays games, but came back in 3 days to take the win 8-3. Great performance.
Game MVP: Mrs. Earp - Lifing Wyatt to the top! Just kidding.
Vladi-G - 10 RBI's, 11 Runs, 3 HR's and a .440 average with only one K. Nice.
Game Goat: Josh Barfield - 2 hits and a .143 average with only one score and 3 fans.

Wookies Will Repeat - 7
Fmragtops Spewers - 6
This score was a repeat of last season, only this time wookies were leading the whole time. Pitching wise, both teams sucked it up with the winning team having a 5.80 ERA And offensively both teams seemed pretty average. We'll see how these teams perform later.
Game MVP: Hanley Ramirez - .320 average, 3 Stolen Bases, and 8 Runs. That's a good lead-off hitter.
Game Goat: Jose Contreras - 1 inning, 8 hits given up, and 7 Runs for an ERA of 63 for the week. Eww.

webcats - 2
Joes Keizer Killers - 9 (Ties in WHIP and HR's)
Webcats put up a fight, but just not enough to win. There were a few stats that were close, and could have made the game closer, but instead it ended like this. That makes a party of 3 at the bottom of the barrel.
Game MVP: Grady Sizemore - .429 batting average 3 home runs and 7 runs.
Game Goat: A.J. Pierzynski - .111 batting average, 1 run and only 1 RBI. At least he only got 2 K's.

Keys To The Season
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Friday, April 6, 2007

Week 1 Mid-Week Check-Up

It's time to take a peek at the match-ups for this week in HWC Baseball. I know for my Engineers we should have stuck to the slide rule! Or the train, whichever one you prefer.

Let's see how things are going:
Cookeville Engineers - 2
Leones De Yucatan - 8 (tied in stolen bases,wins, and losses)
My guys are sucking, plain and simple. The 2 stats I'm winning are Runs scored by 2 and offensive K's. At least my guys aren't striking out. I was telling my friend last night that my baseball team is like my football team; My draft was great...Last year.

Robots Eat Babies - 7
Baseball Rulz! - 4 (tied in RBI's and losses)
Despite how it looks, Sssteve can easily take this game away from The Man. He's not up by much in many of the stats...but then again, neither is Sssteve.

The PAWs - 6
Patton's 3rd Army - 6 (tied in wins)
Sluggers vs pitchers. It's easy to see with Patton taking the Runs, RBI's, Home Runs, and hits, but has 0 stolen bases, and almost 30 whiffs. Obvious power team.

bRight & Early - 5
Maximum Poo - 7 (tied in saves)
This game can definitely go either way. Most stats are literally being led by the minimum differnce. For example WHIP is 1.01 to 1.02. Going to be a great one to watch.

RFTR - 10
JAX Juggernauts - 2 (tied in wins)
Safety man had better put that helmet on because a whooping like that is gonna hurt. He is getting pretty well dominated in EVERYTHING. The 2 points he has are in offensive K's (leading by 1) and pitching K's 14-9. But even though he's losing right now, I would not be surprised to find that JAX would have beaten other teams.

PFB - 7
Anna Benson Is Yummy - 5 (tied in stolen bases)
Wyatt might be the man to beat when it comes to pitching. His rotation is 4-0, but he has 0 saves. Batting though is another story.

Wookies Will Repeat - 7
Fmragtops Spewers - 5
Wookies are repeating, but in a not so dominating fashion. This game can go either way with 3 days left to play.

webcats - 1
Joe's Keizer Killers - 9 (tied in Stolen Bases, Wins, and saves)
Joe's team is an offensive powerhouse with pitchers that simply don't lose. Hense why he is beating the cats like a villager in Monty Python. Side note...neither team has a save.

I can't say how things are going to end up, but after a pretty good bracket picking, and my racing team being in the top 8%, I would like a good bsaeball team to go with it.