Wednesday, October 24, 2007

HWC Football Week 8 Preview

I know it's been a long time since the last recap, but I wanted to do a preview of the games this week, as well as my prediction.

Cookeville Engineers vs. bRight & Early
This game is so nerve racking it's not even funny. My Engineers eeked out a sissy-man win last week winning 23-19 over the webcats. Thank God for Matt Schaub and by weeks, because that's the only reason I have a prayer at a decent season. The playoffs are limited to the top 6 teams, and right now I'm 8th, 2 games behind with 8 weeks to go. Either way, I know I need to finish over .500. Depending on the players, this could go either way. But I think that I've got a lesser chance of winning this than it seems. OH! Congrats to bRight at resetting the "All Time Greatest MOV" in HWC Football History at 93 points. Folks that one is gonna last a LOOOONG time.
bRight wins 65-40

RFTR vs. Robots Eat Babies
If RFTR would look at his team, he can easily avoid a loss. He's got Kitna starting at QB, and over the last 3 weeks, K has averaged -6 points per game. Not a very good strategy considering that they are playing The Bears. One other thing that will hurt is that your QB getting laid out gets you -2 points each time, so look for Kitna to get hit hard many times if he gets started. Even having both of Tom Brady's favorite targets won't help RFTR this week unless he fills those holes.
REB wins 50-40

webcats vs. Bill's Infidelity
PFB has Tom Brady. That's all you need to know going into this match. I am PETRIFIED of if I have to face him again in the last week. That could ruin my chances at a playoff birth unless some miracle happens. The cats have Matt Schaub as their starting QB, and it might be a benefit if he can't play because otherwise I find it hard to believe that he will be in the black this week against the Chargers. On top of that the cats have multiple injured players starting, but to be honest, the match-ups for his bench are actually worse. For example it's either Matt Schaub against the Chargers, or Jason Campbell against the Pats. That would be the same Pats defense that have had 8 sacks, 5 picks and 3 fumbles in the last 3 weeks.
Bill whips up in this one 80-30

The Jerk Store vs. Booing Santa Claus
The smack talk is thick for these two. But there's 2 key factors for this game. Ben Watson is still sitting out for practice and isn't expected to play this week. However if he does that will tip the scales for Wyatt (Santa). However the other aspect is that Chris A (Jerk Store) has Plaxico Burress in Miami this week, just asking to rack up points against the 0-7 fishes, BUT Burress has a bum ankle and hasn't practiced yet this week, and they are worried that the flight to London for the game will affect his ankle adversely. If he can't play then that will give Wyatt a huge advantage. This one is a coin flip, and I'm gonna call it that way.
Tie Ball Game 50-50

Leones de Yucatan vs. New Jersey Clerks
Vex has so many under rated players on their team that it's not even funny. It shows the Clerks as a 9 point over dog, but I would put this game more like a 2 point under dog. The Bears are rated for 17 points against the Lions, and I just don't think that they will score THAT big of a game. I think I'm going to go against the odds for this game and go for the upset.
Lions Win a tight one, 59-55.

Tokyo Tyrants vs. Wookies Will Win
Yeah, remember the 93 point MOV that bRight got, it was against the tyrants. Poor Pat came back from blogging retirement at The (vast) Right Wing Conspiracy to join us, and the poor guy has gone 1-6 so far. But at least he's not 0-7! This game would be a bit closer if Pat would bench McNabb for Eli Manning. McNabb has thrown for over 500 yards and 2 TD's in the last 3 weeks, but has been sacked 6 times and picked off once, netting 7 points total for 3 weeks. Manning has thrown for over 600 yards, and 6 TD's while being picked 4 times and laid out twice for 35 points. This game has potential to be close, but in the end, I don't believe it will.
Wookies Storm through Tokyo 75-30.

That's this week's games, and maybe I'll actually get around to the recap next week.


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