Tuesday, September 18, 2007

HWC Football Week 2 Recap

OK, so I missed week 1, but I've been busy with classes so I've got an excuse.

There are only 12 teams this season since trying to get a good team in a 16 team league was dang near impossible last season.

So without further ado, here are the games from this past week!

New Jersey Clerks - 90
Cookeville Engineers - 75

Trench (as far as I can tell) is a newbie to HWC sports. He's got his own website here. This game was pretty good. I couldn't have won with my ideal picks (85 was the most I could have scored) so I was content with a solid 75 points. Last season 75 points per game was top spot, but with fewer teams this year, that might not be the case. I was under powered for the game, but I'm happy just to have beat my brother. Clerks move to the #2 spot after the win, and I slide into 5th, the top of the 1-1 teams.
Game MVP: Chad Johnson - 209 yards receiving and 2 scores. He had more yards and TD's than some QB's!
Game Goat: The Bills - Gave up 26 points, but kept out of the red with a sack and a pick.

Bill's Infidelity - 90
Robots Eat Babies - 54
Steve Smith is the man! You'll see why here in a bit, but this game was torn wide open. Manning was a disappointment. He only tossed one score and threw 1 pick and got slammed down twice. Obviously it wasn't a good game for The Man, but oh well. PFB rides this win up to the top 7 points over the Clerks, and The Man slips back to 10th, but at least he's the highest of the so-far winless teams.
Game MVP: Steve Smith - 153 yards and he caught all 3 scores for the Panthers for a total of 27 points.
Game Goat: Cincinnati - Allowed 51 points and only caught 1 pick for -5 points.

Tokyo Tyrants - 49
Booing Santa Claus - 57
Pat of the (vast) Right Wing Conspiracy is back this season! I sent him an e-mail to join the league and he was ready and willing to fight. However, this week Wyatt racks up win number two moving to the third spot in the standings, and Tokyo moves to number 11. This game was the lowest scoring game of the week with a combined 106 points. Only 4 players scored in the double digits, so hopefully both of these teams will improve next week because that kind of scores won't stand later on.
Game MVP: Frank Gore - 81 yards and 2 scores for 16 points.
Game Goat: Donovan McNabb - 240 yards in the air, but 3 sack and no scores for -2 points.

Wookies Will Win - 92
Leones de Yucatan - 64
Vex doesn't look like the champ of the baseball season right now. He tied RFTR at 69 in week 1, but this week the Wookies are just too much to take. Vex went 0-2 to start the season last year scoring only 50 points in the 2 games, then did something to end up seeded 8th and took 6th overall for the season. Wookies are picking up right where they started in football and look to be starting the steam rollers.
Game MVP: Jamal Lewis - Moving to Cleveland must have helped. He scored 216 yards and a score on the ground.
Game Goat: Phillip Rivers threw for 179 yards and 2 scores, but he was picked off twice, sacked 3 times, and coughed up the ball once to negate all of that to only 3 points.

RFTR - 87
The Jerk Store - 73
Heh, Chris A joined HWC sports for the first time and I don't know how he lost this game! He demolished bRight in week 1 and then in a second, you'll be scratching your head asking "How did he LOSE!?" Easy. One star can be trumped by a few consistent players. RFTR had 4 players with double digits and and average player score of almost 9 points per player. And that's including a guy who scored 0. Where Chris lost was having 6 players with under 5 points scored. If he can fix that, he might be pretty good.
Game MVP: Carson Palmer - 400 yards, 6 TD passes, with 2 picks and a sack for 44 points. How did Chris LOSE!?
Game Goat: The rest of the Jerk store - Everyone else averaged just 3 points this week with 9 players combining for only 29 points.

bRight & Early - 56
webcats - 62
Despite webcats taking a gamble on Joey Harrington and getting burned, he still pulled out the win. The cats had 3 other players who scored in the double digits, and I'll bet bRight is kicking himself in the butt for not starting Delhomme. That would have been a 13 point swing in his favor, and the difference in winning and losing. Only Baltimore's defense scored over 10 points for b&E, and he sits at the bottom of the pack with just over 100 points for the 2 games.
Game MVP: Braylon Edwards - 146 yards and 2 scores for 19 points
Game Goat: Joey Harrington - 2 weeks in a row in double digit negatives. 200 yards, no scores and 7 sacks. Sounds like a pissy year for the Falcons.

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