Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Post One..
This week the lions of Yucatan defeated maximum Poo by an account from eight to five. Maximum Poo took a Maxima excrement whereas they dominated them in all the offensive categories and could maintain as soon as ignited in categories of the pitching to maintain total the account near. Nevertheless, the lions gained some earth in the Poo and now they are only six games behind. Soon the Poo will be cleaned with a water spurt and the lions will take the first trophy from the place and will destroy all the competition!

post two...
The lions of Yucatan are the equipment of greater baseball of the fantasy always! If you one dares to do to them in front, later you will make a spot of the grass in the diamond of the dirt of the battle! We are also found out that we are 9 games behind, but soon - the first place will be ours and the lions will govern the universe of the baseball of the fantasy! And soccer football one also. But that is not per months of a pair. The last week the lions had a moderate triumph on the assassins of Keizer de Joe, but this week is in center of an adjustment of accounts tipped with the equipment of the number one - Poo. Poo maximum is in the hardship as the lions are looking for the sweeping, leading at the moment 9-2. Nevertheless, it is not desrazonable that the lions can clear shutout and take the superior point in the league. Van the Lions!

No tengo gusto de hacer esto, Hector.

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