Thursday, May 10, 2007

HWC Baseball Week 5 Recap

It's been another long week and I haven't had much time to blog on ANY site, let alone until recently if I had time it would have been on a Mac, and Blogger and Macs don't mix. But that's another story. Here's how we do the scoring. On offense there are Runs, Hits, Home Runs, RBI's, Stolen Bases and Strike Outs. On the defensive side It's all pitching with Wins, Losses Saves, K's ERA and WHIP. Scoring combines like This. Team A wins 4 stats, and team B wins 8, with the teams tying one. Team A's record for the week is 4-8-1, where team B is 8-4-1. Time for the scores!

Cookeville Engineers - 7
Baseball Rulz! - 6
I pulled an FM!! This game was Sssteve's to lose after Thursday, and I'll be darned if it wasn't another come from behind performance by the Engineers. Some clutch pitching and offense pulled out the one point win. If Trot Nixon had had more than 8 at bats, he would have been MVP with an average of .625 for the week!
Game MVP: Josh Hamilton - 2 Home Runs in one game and a stolen base this week really helped the team, along with that .429 Batting Average.
Game Goat: Kip Wells - The Cardinal's pitching staff has gone to piss over the off season and Kip is no different. 6 innings, 7 runs and a big L. He's not 1-6 for the season with a 6.59 ERA. *Drop*

Robots Eat Babies - 5
RFTR - 7 (Tie in Wins)
And down he goes! That's 3 in a row for the Robots, and against "I never check my team" RFTR, too. Such a shame. Robots took 3 of the 7 batting stats, but couldn't get a footing on defense. Unfortunately for The Man, it looks like his team has fallen victim to injuritis as 4 of his players were on the DL. However, RFTR won't let a little injury bother him as 6 of his players are currently inactive.
Game MVP: Jimmy Rollins - Not a power hitter, but with a .364 BA 2 steals and 12 hits this past week, he makes for a good one to start daily.
Game Goat(s): DL'ers - 11 of them. Blugh.

The PAWs - 5
bRight & Early - 8
Pitcher/Hitter all the way. bRight took all 6 defensive stats and swiped 2 more on offense to seal the deal. PAWs are definitely a hitting team, and although I thought originally that it may work out better than a pitching based team, apparently I was wrong, because PAWs have had only 2 winning weeks so far this season.
Game MVP: Prince Fielder - .440 Average, 4 knocks in 11 hits, and 12 RBI's with 8 runs scored. Fantastic.
Game Goat: Matt Cain - 7 runs given up in just 3 innings. One game doubled his season ERA from 1.54 to 3.08.

PFB - 7
Big Damn Heroes - 5 (Tie in RBI's)
So the name change worked for a little bit, but now the luck has worn off...again. Well, at least it wasn't the 11-2 routing that was put on by bRight. PFB gets their third winning week, but is still struggling to meet .500 due to their winning small but losing big habits. I would have Vladi be MVP with a .417 average and 3 stolen bases, BDH has better.
Game MVP: J.J. Hardy - 15/28 for a .536 average with 2 home runs. All this from the #2 batting spot.
Game Goat: Jason Kendall - 3/17 from the former must-have catcher. Not so much now.

Wookies Will Repeat - 3
Maximum Poo - 9 (Tie in Wins)
DAAAAAAAAAMN!! TD wanted to make a point over the Wookies. He had no losses and only one pitcher with over a 4.0 ERA, and on the batting side his team average was .312, with no one under the Mendoza Line. Folks, there's a new sheriff in town.
Game MVP: Freddy Sanchez - .367 Batting average from 11 hits with 4 runs, but what caught me was only ONE K the whole week.
Game Goat: Scott Rolen - 1/21 for the week but at least he didn't strike out.

webcats - 5
Leones de Yucatan - 7 (Tie in RBI's)
Weird. Vex has no wins in pitching this week, the most losses, and the least K's but he still takes the ERA, WHIP, and Saves, and goes 4-2-1 on offense to take the game. Nice work. Aside from the weird pitching, the game was pretty close otherwise. The stats were pretty close, but Vex managed to come out on top.
Game MVP: Troy Glaus - .400 Average from 10 hits, with 4 of them being home runs. Knocked in 7, and crossed the plate 8 times. Nicely played.
Game Goat: Cla Meredith - Aside from the weird spelling, he gave up 5 runs in 3 1/3 innings as a mid-reliever.

Fmragtops Spewers - 6
JAX Juggernauts - 6 (Tie in WHIP)
5 Weeks, 5 times FM scored 6 points. But against the last placed team? This can't be a good sign. Judging from this game, FM needs to work on pitching if he wants to be playing to defend his 2nd from last season. JAX though. 2 words, "Rebuild Year."
Game MVP: C.C. Sabathia - 2 games, 13 innings, 2 wins, 18 K's and only 6 earned. Nice.
Game Goat: Ichiro - 2/22 for the week for a .091 average.

Anna Benson Is Yummy - 8
Joe's Keizer Killers - 5
After losing to the cats and FM, it's good to see Wyatt winning again. Wyatt Rocked the offense and scored 9 wins in pitching! HOT DAMN!!! 71 K's for the week from the rotation. It's a shame that the 3.67 ERA didn't reflect the great play of the team.
Game MVP: Jake Peavy- 2 games, 14 innings, 20 K's and and ERA of 1.93 and a WHIP of 0.79. It's a pity his team didn't perform to back him up.
Game Goat: Zack Greinke - 2 games, 9 innings, 12 runs, and 2 losses. RUINED Wyatt's ERA/WHIP!

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