Saturday, May 5, 2007

HWC Baseball Week 4 Recap

Agian sorry for the delay, but it was exam week at school and I had zero time to post the results of last week's match-ups. For the record though I finished with a 3.294 this semester, so I'm happy as a clam. But let's remind teh fans how we do the scoring, then I'll talk about the games.ts to combine. On offense there are Runs, Hits, Home Runs, RBI's, Stolen Bases and Strike Outs. On the defensive side It's all pitching with Wins, Losses Saves, K's ERA and WHIP. Scoring combines like This. Team A wins 4 stats, and team B wins 8, with the teams tying one. Team A's record for the week is 4-8-1, where team B is 8-4-1. OK, let's see the scores.

Cookeville Engineers - 9
Robots Eat Babies - 4
I beat my brother...again. That improves my overall record to 5-3 vs. The Man in HWC sports. The Man had the lead for most of the week, but a late charge by the Engineers put the game away. I moved up to 13th in the standings with this win, and The Man dropped to 11th.
Game MVP: Kevin Youkilis - 10/25 with 6 runs, 4 RBI's an one HR. Not great, but very consistent.
Game Goat: Eric Byrnes - .059 average with 5 K's and only one hit the whole week. Nasty.

bRight & Early - 8
Baseball Rulez! - 5
It looks like Sssteve just couldn't get any traction in this game. bRight took the majority share of both offense and defense. This gives bRight his third strait winning week, and has him at 3rd in the ranks now slipping past Sssteve who fell to 4th.
Game MVP: Aaron Rowand - 10/24 with 3 home runs and only 3 K's
Game Goat: Morgan Ensberg - 0/15 this past week and he hasn't done better since. His season average fell to .247 from .293

The PAWs - 9
Joe's Keizer Killers - 3 (Tie in saves)
Not much to see here besides a beat-down by the Lawhawk. Despite a slicking of the roster by Lawhawk, he still managed to kick Joe to the curb quite effectively.
Game MVP: Vernon Wells - .458 average giving 11 hits, a home run, 9 runs and 3 stolen bases. Me gusta mucho!
Game Goat: Dan Uggla - Might want to change that name to Ug Lee after posting an average of .143 with 10 K's

Big Damn Heroes - 7
RFTR - 5 (Tie in saves)
Patton had another name change this week, this time it worked. The again it's not hard to beat a guy who has 3 pitchers who aren't even playing. Roger Clemens retired, and 2 other starters are on the DL.
Game MVP: Chase Utley - .44 Average with 12 hits, 7 Runs 10 RBI's and a Home Run. But remember...It's digital Utley who plays with heart.
Game Goat: RFTR - Set and forget NEVER works.

PFB - 7
Maximum Poo - 4 (Ties in Losses and Offensive K's)
Private Pigg threw the poo back at Tyler D! This game was an offensive nail biter. PFB won 2 stats by just one point, and the rest by 3 or less! It was all Poo on defense though as he went 3-2-1, but It was PFB on top for going 5-1-1 on offense.
Game MVP: PFB's Offense - 3 guys with 2 or more knocks, a team average of .307
Game Goat: Freddy Sanchez - 2/21 on the week for a .091 average. Pity. He was good last season.

Wookies Will Repeat - 4
Leones De Yucatan - 8 (Tie in offensive K's)
It's looking slimmer and slimmer that the Wooks will go for title number 2 this season. At least he's not doing as badly as The Cardinals (who fortunately just broke their 5 game losing streak) This game was actually closer than it looks. Wookies only lost stats by little more than 2 points, but it doesn't matter if you win by 1 or 100.
Game MVP: Matt Holliday - .429 average with 12 hits 8 RBI's but shame he only got 3 runs.
Game Goat: Jason Varitek - Only 3/18 with 9 K's. Yuck.

webcats - 6
JAX Juggernauts - 6 (Tie in Losses)
This was about as even as it looks. Both teams took almost equal shares on offense and defense. The only problem was, both teams pretty well sucked. Neither team got more than 30 runs, or over a .260 average.
Game MVP: Frank Thomas - The Big hurt puts up 2 Homers and a .333 average on 8 hits with 8 RBI's
Game Goat: Randy Johnson - 2 games, 11 innings, 12 K's but 1 loss and an ERA of 6.55 for the week.

Fmragtops Spewers - 6
Anna Benson Is Yummy - 5 (Ties in Home Runs and Losses)
Hey, FM went from losing 7-6, to tying 6-6, and now he's won 6-5! Now if only he can score more than 6 points. Poor Wyatt got no love from his pitching this week as his team ERA was 2.14 and a WHIP of only 1.08, but that was only good eough for 2 wins and 21 K's compared to FM's 3 wins and 43 K's with 4 saves. That sucks.
Game MVP: Stephen Drew - .450 average with 9 hits, a Homer, 7 RBI's and 4 Runs.
Game Goat: Wyatt's Pitching - Need I say it again?

Week 5 Match-ups:
Cookeville Engineers vs. Baseball Rulz!
Robots Eat Babies vs. RFTR
The PAWs vs. bRight & Early
PFB vs. Big Damn Heroes
Wookies Will Repeat vs. Maximum Poo
webcats vs. Leones de Yucatan
Fmragtops Spewers vs. JAX Juggernauts
Anna Benson Is Yummy vs. Joe's Keizer Killers

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