Tuesday, April 10, 2007

HWC Baseball Week 1 Recap

Here we go. The first of 26 or so weekly recaps of HWC Baseball. This being the first week, I'll go over the scoring of the games. It's the same concept as last season with pairs of teams going head to head for a week adding up stats and the best score in that stat gets a win. The other team gets a loss for that stat. This season there are 13 stats to combine. On offense there are Runs, Hits, Home Runs, RBI's, Stolen Bases and Strike Outs. On the defensive side It's all pitching with Wins, Losses Saves, K's ERA and WHIP. Scoring combines like This. Team A wins 4 stats, and team B wins 8, with the teams tying one. Team A's record for the week is 4-8-1, where team B is 8-4-1.

Let's go to the match ups.

Cookeville Engineers - 2
Leones De Yucatan - 9 (Ties in Losses and K's)
I got owned bad. I held onto the offensive K's stat, and took Wins 4-2, but I got demolished in everything else. Vex has a great team this season, so look for him to be in the top of the ranks later this season. Me, not so much.
Game MVP: Adam Dunn - 3 Home Runs, 6 Runs, 6 RBI's and 2 stolen bases.
Game Goat: Chone Figgins - Star basee stealer from last year out for a few more weeks after breaking his finger.

Robots Eat Babies - 6
Baseball Rulz! - 5 (Ties in Runs and Wins)
The Man had Sssteve beat 7-4 late in the week, but barely closed it out. The Man used his pitching staff and pulled away in pitching enough for Ssteve to not be able to catch up in hitting. The man took 4 of the 6 pitching stats and 2 of the hitting, leaving the rest to Ssteve.
Game MVP: Eric Byrnes - 11 hits, 2 Home Runs, 4 stolen bases, 7 RBI's and 5 Runs with a .355 average. GREAT player so far.
Game Goat: Jake Westbrook - 7 Innings pitched, 7 runs for an ERA of 12.6 and a 2.0 WHIP. Can you say Waivers?

The PAWs - 7
Patton's 3rd Army - 5 (Tie in Wins)
A pretty even game here with PAW's taking 4 pitching stats and 3 offensive stats. The PAWs batted a combined .288 for the week and stole 5 bases while only fanning 29 times, compared to 51 for Patton. The game was tied earlier this week, but Mr. Patton, I believe you are beaten.
Game MVP: Mike Jacobs - 2 HR's, 10 hits, 8 runs, and 5 RBI's, and a .435 BA. Not a bad start.
Game Goat: Brad Lidge - Demoted from closer position after posting a 16.2 ERA and a WHIP of 4.8.

bRight & Early - 3
Maximum Poo - 10
Another whooping. Looks like I know who will be fighting for the bottom of the barrel. Tyler D took the beating stick to bRight and set an example for how to dominate in the last part of the week. The score was 7-5 with a tie earlier, but Tyler poured on the coals for a strong finish
Game MVP: Jose Reyes - 3 Stolen Bases, 8 Runs,a .320 average and 7 RBI's, for a lead off man is saying something.
Game Goat: Andruw Jones - Only a .130 batting average for the season so far for the Atlanta hero.

RFTR - 7
Jax Juggernauts - 4 (Ties in Losses and Saves)
Both teams have the "Draft it and leave it" philosophy going on right now and it will come back to bite them badly. Jax was leading the league last season but he stopped checking the team and was out quicker than you can snap your fingers.
Game MVP: A Rod - He might be a punk, but he can rack up the stats. 4 home runs, 11 RBI's and a .381 average
Game Goat: Brandon Inge - He's 0-20 on the season. Ouch.

PFB - 3
Anna Benson Is Yummy - 8 (Ties in Home Runs and Runs)
I've heard of players getting laid the night before a game to increase performance...Well, Wyatt is one lucky SOB then! He was down 7-5 after Thursdays games, but came back in 3 days to take the win 8-3. Great performance.
Game MVP: Mrs. Earp - Lifing Wyatt to the top! Just kidding.
Vladi-G - 10 RBI's, 11 Runs, 3 HR's and a .440 average with only one K. Nice.
Game Goat: Josh Barfield - 2 hits and a .143 average with only one score and 3 fans.

Wookies Will Repeat - 7
Fmragtops Spewers - 6
This score was a repeat of last season, only this time wookies were leading the whole time. Pitching wise, both teams sucked it up with the winning team having a 5.80 ERA And offensively both teams seemed pretty average. We'll see how these teams perform later.
Game MVP: Hanley Ramirez - .320 average, 3 Stolen Bases, and 8 Runs. That's a good lead-off hitter.
Game Goat: Jose Contreras - 1 inning, 8 hits given up, and 7 Runs for an ERA of 63 for the week. Eww.

webcats - 2
Joes Keizer Killers - 9 (Ties in WHIP and HR's)
Webcats put up a fight, but just not enough to win. There were a few stats that were close, and could have made the game closer, but instead it ended like this. That makes a party of 3 at the bottom of the barrel.
Game MVP: Grady Sizemore - .429 batting average 3 home runs and 7 runs.
Game Goat: A.J. Pierzynski - .111 batting average, 1 run and only 1 RBI. At least he only got 2 K's.

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